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Iyele ( metin ; ayrac )

(Only for Turkish) Adds ownership suffix to the name

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F. Osman Cabi   F. Osman Cabi

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  Sample input:
Iyele ( "F. Osman Cabi" , "'" )

Iyele ( "Cabitas" , "-" )
  Sample output:
F. Osman Cabi'nin


  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Ownership suffix in Turkish varies from name to name where in English only "s" is used for all. This custom function analyze the last vowel letter in the word then puts appropriate suffix.

Türkçe'de kullanılan iyelik eki kelimenin son sesli harfine göre değişir. Bu özel fonskiyon son harfi kontrol ederek uygun eki kelimenin sonuna ekliyor.



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