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October 2004

Home Media Server Requirements
by Brian Dunning

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For the good of society at large, I'm making public my business requirements for a home media server. I'd like to say the "Ultimate" home media server, but it really shouldn't be. Everything I list here is obvious, and given the state of technology, there's no good reason why such a product isn't already commoditized.

There are only 6 basic requirements. No doubt there are other bells and whistles that such a home media server would have (such as the ability to browse photo and music libraries), but these are what would really float my boat:

1. Multiple tuners.
Whether the home's source is satellite, cable, or broadcast, multiple tuners allow the recording of one channel while watching another, or recording of multiple shows at once. Two is the minimum, three would be great.

2. DVD library.
I should be able to rip all of my DVD's onto the hard disk so I have online access to all of them. This is the only major feature missing from Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition, and they are crying about digital rights management (DRM) and have stated that MCE will never include this feature. Well, other vendors do include it, so there undoubtedly is a solution that Microsoft probably just finds unpalatable.

3. TiVo functionality.
DVR's are great and increasingly ubiquitious, but nothing beats the full features that TiVo provides. As a proud DirecTiVo owner, I can tell you right now that this system is a must. Wish Lists, Season Passes, and Showcases are key features that nobody should be without. Having it all integrated with the satellite tuner, or in this case with the media center interface, is just the best thing in the world.

4. A central server.
TiVo drops the ball big time with their "Home Media Option," which requires copying a show from one machine to another before you can watch it on a different TV, and you usually have to give it a head start because it takes so long to copy. This is just plain stupid. I want everything on a single central server and I'm happy to wire my whole house with gigbit ethernet so that all media is available at all stations at all times, asynchronously.

5. Remotes and set-top boxes for every TV.
The other half of a central server is the need for a set-top box with a single universal remote for every TV in the house. The set-top box should have 6.1 audio outputs, component and S-Video outputs, and also lame coax outputs for that 13-inch TV in the garage.

6. Single integrated interface.
TiVo and MCE both do a great job at offering a single interface where all available media is accessible, whether you're watching live TV, recorded TV, listening to music, or whatever. The single interface, with a single remote, is key. From one interface, you should be able to access live TV, recorded TV, and your DVD collection.

Here's a chart of these features showing support by some of the currently available options I've found. If you know of another device or software solution that addresses these requirements, please email me and I'll add it to the list:

  Multiple tuners DVD library TiVo functionality Central server Remotes and set-top boxes Single interface
TiVo Yes No Yes No Yes No
Windows XP MCE Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Apple Front Row No No No No No No
Kaleidescape No Yes No Yes Yes No
EyeHome No No No Yes Yes No
XBox Media Center No Yes No Yes Yes No
Akimbo No No Yes No Yes No

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