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September 2000

Top Ten Things to Do at Devcon
by Brian Dunning

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10. Sit in the back row of the conference sessions, playing DopeWars for FileMaker on your PowerBook. (OK, so it's a shameless plug, but come should know to expect that from me by now.)

9. Cruise down the main drag in town, impressing the locals with your FileMaker shirt, basking in the glory of your ability to show yourself off as Computer Savvy.

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8. Hock your free drink tickets for cab fare back to the hotel from wherever you woke up and found yourself.

7. Network and hand out business cards all day, then discover your driver's license and credit cards are not to be found.

6. Register several times to collect as many free copies of FileMaker Pro as possible.

5. Be the first to write a golf scoring solution in FileMaker, arrive at the golf course, and find that everyone else has already made one too.

4. Borrow someone's conference binder to "check the schedule," then hand it back minus the coupons page (I had mastered this technique by my second conference).

3. Finally win an award, but miss the ceremony by sitting at the bar with the other curmudgeons, blaspheming about how the annual awards are all political anyway.

2. Realize how antiquated your recent bankrupting laptop purchase has already become.

And the Number One activity for this year:

1. Get liquored, clap Dominique Goupil on the back and say "How about that 4D?"

Reader feedback on this article:

I found your site from a Google search while looking for a FileMaker solution to track our company golf league scores as easy as possible.  When I went to your site, I was not able to find the product referenced.  Do you still have it available?

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