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Special Edition
August 2003

My Platform for the California Gubernatorial Race
by Brian Dunning

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Today I officially filed my papers in Sacramento to become a candidate in the recall election for the Governor of California.

My platform is a simple one: the acquisition of Baja California from Mexico, and its incorporation into the United States of America as South California.

Why should this be a prerogative of a state governor? The federal government is not likely to move on this issue on its own. The federal government has also repeatedly failed in its obligations to the State of California, in issues ranging from immigration control to energy deregulation. If the State of California can acquire Baja California on its own initiative, it can then negotiate with Washington to turn it over to the federal government as a state, in return for services and payments that will remedy the past failures.

Baja California is among the most valuable undeveloped real estate in the entire world. It has perfect weather year round, with no hint of seasonal change, an average annual temperature of 77 degrees and annual rainfall of only three inches. It has over 6000 miles of unspoiled, undeveloped coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Baja California is largely unpopulated, which represents unfathomable opportunities for real estate development. Inexpensive labor is abundantly available, which is a huge plus for industry.

And the food is really, really good.

South California would quickly become the world's premiere tropical vacation destination, with proper installation of resorts and services. Few American investors would pass up such an opportunity.

The tax revenue from South California is projected, within eight years of statehood, to be among the top ten states in America. This is an unprecedented payoff.

With initial property values starting at less than US$500 per acre, nearly all Californians would have an easy opportunity to purchase real estate investments that would appreciate with dramatic speed.

There are numerous ways that the actual acquisition of Baja California from Mexico could be accomplished. It could be easily purchased from the Mexican government for an estimated $208 billion, which is well within California's ability, either publicly or privately. Or, it could be simply claimed and posted, and if not surrendered in a timely manner, it could be easily taken and held militarily. Threats against nearby cities such as Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, much prized by Mexico, would be sufficient to force acquiescence. A large percentage of America's air and sea power is based within California, and could be easily commandeered for such a mission.

For this purpose, I seek your support in the upcoming election. Thank you.

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