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The BoardRoom 7
Chat Application for FileMaker Pro


How come I get the Troi Activator "demo" dialog? I thought this came with a plug-in license.

It does come with a plug-in license. However, inexplicably, sometimes the registration script fails. Neither I nor the good folks at Troi could figure this out, but fortunately, it only happens once in a blue moon. So don't worry about it.

Can I integrate this with my existing system?

Yes, that's the purpose of the Developer and API versions.

Some people still get the message that the plug-in is not installed, even though I have Auto Update properly configured on my server.

There are two possible causes: (1) it is not, in fact, properly configured on your FileMaker Server. Double check The BoardRoom documentation's section on this, and then check with FileMaker if you need further help. (2) It is properly configured, but just not working, for some strange reason. Some servers just can't seem to get this together even when the exact same configuration works on other servers. There's nothing that I or The BoardRoom can do about this. In either case, just manually install the Troi Activator plug-in on those computers, and you'll be all set.

We are using The BoardRoom over the Internet, and we don't see each other, or we don't receive notification of each others' messages.

The Troi Activator uses your machine's IP address to send notifications, so if your local internal IP address differs from what other users see as your public IP address, The Activator will not work. But messages will still go through, you'll just need to manually "Scroll to the Bottom" to see new incoming messages.

Any other questions, email me here.