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1000 Questions asks eight earth-shattering technology questions of today's most compelling personalities.

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Holly McPeak
Edited by Brian Dunning

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Holly McPeak is the world's winningest professional women's beach volleyball player. In her 13 years on the beach, she has won 68 career titles as of this writing (the most wins of any woman in history), and over $1.6 million in prize money, the first female pro beach athlete to break that million dollar mark.

Along with her 68 pro beach titles, Holly is also a three-time Olympian, having played in 1996 in Atlanta, 2000 in Sydney, and winning the bronze medal in 2004 in Athens. She finished fifth with Nancy Reno in 1996 and with Misty May in 2000.

Witness now as we float her some perfect nectar questions, and she slams them down hard:

0001. In all of history, what is your favorite invention?

Email makes communicating with friends and family while i am travelling around the world, so much easier! The Blackberry is a pretty amazing invention and my husband couldn't live without it!

0010. What do you hope will be invented next?

A super fast plane for international travel. These long plane trips are killing me!!!

0011. What would you un-invent if you could?

I hope there will be an end to invention of horrible weapons that only have one negative purpose.

0100. What technology really pisses you off?

I am not a big fan of video and computer games because i think kids are staying inside too often and not going out and exercising enough, but if done in moderation they are fine!

0101. When have you suffered at the hands of technology?

Haven't really suffered at the hands of technology that I know of.

0110. If marooned on a desert island, what three technological devices would you bring with you?

An iPod for music, a laptop and internet to communicate with everyone and a hot plate to boil water!

0111. If you had to revert and freeze the world's technology at a particular time in history, what year would you choose?

That is tough. It was nice when we only had phones at home and there was no TV.  Before my time!

1000. If you found yourself sitting at a Unix terminal as Earth's last hope while, outside, aliens were wiping out humanity, what would you type?

Don't know what I'd type at the brink of human termination and don't really want to think about it.

Visit Holly McPeak's web page.

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