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1000 Questions asks eight earth-shattering technology questions of today's most compelling personalities.

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...in which we ask eight compelling questions
about technology of prominent persons
Edited by Brian Dunning
Ted Nugent A guitar in one hand and a Glock 20 in the other, Ted Nugent blows a hole in our modern world big enough to hunt buffalo through
The Amazing Randi has a million dollar prize for you if you can prove your pyschic (or other supernatural) ability
MythBusters' Kari Byron suspects that you're just an urban legend. Give her some dynamite and a high-voltage wire, and she'll prove it
Mythbusters' Grant Imahara brings back Geek - and with a soldering iron in one hand and a multimeter in the other, he rebuilds our questions into a giant evil human-eating robot Robert Llewellyn
He's bold, he's beautiful, he has one hell of a hairdo, and Robert X. Cringely even cracks wise about the tech industry
As the winningest woman in pro beach volleyball history, Holly McPeak will smash any question off your face that you care to toss her way
Do you have a clear view of the southern sky? Margaret Easley has lots of reasons you should get DirecWay.
She acts, she sings, she gives life to once-mute animated characters, and self-proclaimed technophobe Susan Egan even tap-dances around our questions Susan Egan
Michael Shermer doesn't want you to believe everything you read or see on Oprah. Take two grains of salt and call him in the morning.
Once an eminent Toshiba executive, Lisa Richard left all that boring techno-stuff far behind when she launched a successful vocal and Broadway career...and is having a lot more fun Lisa Richard
Neal Pollack He's used the technology of the Internet to give you his daily blog on his web site, and now the "Greatest Living American Writer" Neal Pollack spills his feelings about that all over you
Is paranormal researcher and TV personality Robert Goerman mankind's only hope to survive the 21st century, or is he someone we should all be very afraid of? Robert Goerman
Anne Kerry Ford If it can be put to music, Anne Kerry Ford has sung about it at one time or another. Hear her now as she croons about the ups and downs of life in our techno world
You might find Robert Llewellyn in a junkyard assembling a monster machine, traversing deep space in the distant future, or twisting our questions into a gnarled mass Robert Llewellyn

1000 More Questions:

Kari Byron

Robert X. Cringely
Tech industry observer

Margaret Easley

Susan Egan
Broadway, Film, and TV star

Robert Goerman
Paranormal investigator

Grant Imahara

Anne Kerry Ford
Singer and actress

Robert Llewellyn
Actor, Writer

Holly McPeak
Pro beach volleyball player

Ted Nugent
Rock legend

Neal Pollack

James Randi
Pseudoscientific demystifier

Lisa Richard
Tech exec turned singer

Michael Shermer
Publisher, Skeptic Magazine