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 FileMaker Pro Web Viewer Examples

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Tim Horton's on the way, eh?

John Nolan, Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

For Canadians: This will give you the locations of Tim Horton's coffee shops along a route

Then copy & paste into the "Edit Web Address" field of FileMaker Pro 8.5's "Web Viewer Setup" window while defining a Web Viewer object in Layout Mode. Use FileMaker's calculation functions to replace sample data in this example with references to the fields in your database. See FileMaker's documentation for more information about Web Viewers.



This will help Canadians find their coffee while travelling.

Paste this into the Web address of a Web viewer set up, swapping in your start and end point fields for the placeholders

""&START POINT::Street&"&origcity="&START POINT::City &"&origstateProvince="&START POINT::Province&"&origpostalCode="& START POINT::Postal co & "&destaddress="&END POINT::Street&"&destcity="&END POINT::City &"&deststateProvince="&END POINT::Province&"&destpostalCode="&END POINT::Postal co&"&searchradius=.5km&x=58&y=19"

Note: these examples are not guaranteed or supported by Please contact the individual developer with any questions or problems.

This is my Web Viewer Example and I want to edit it

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