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 FileMaker Pro Custom Functions

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Newest Custom Functions:

1. ALoopingDemo ( AnyText )
  (Sun, Mar 22, 1:25am)
2. get_Generation
  (Sun, Mar 22, 12:57am)
3. WrapText(input; output; width)
  (Tue, Mar 10, 10:07pm)
4. LastIndexOf(text; chars)
  (Tue, Mar 10, 9:41pm)
5. AS_Folder_Create ( myPath ; myOptions )
  (Mon, Mar 09, 4:44am)
6. PasswordChecker ( Password ; UpperCaseLetters ; LowerCaseLetters ; Numbers ; SpecialCharacters ; MinLength )
  (Mon, Mar 09, 3:36am)
7. AutoCurrency ( number )
  (Thu, Mar 05, 2:30pm)
8. IsLastDayMonth ( TheDate )
  (Wed, Mar 04, 2:12am)

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