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 FileMaker Pro Custom Functions

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FormatTime_NoSeconds (a.time )

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David Jondreau, Wing Forward Solutions

Formats a time to a consistent AM/PM without any seconds.

Sample Input:
FormatTime_NoSeconds ( "2:03:12 pm" )
Sample Output:
2:03 PM

 Then copy & paste into FileMaker Advanced's Edit Custom Function window.

Click here to copy To Clip Manager if you have myFMbutler's Clip Manager installed


Time fields are a little funny. They store what is entered. So you can put in 1 PM or 2:31:03 am and that's what it will store. You can change what a field displays as using the formatting options, but when you click into a field it shows what is being stored. And you'll need to remember to format any output if you want a consistent look.

Often, the seconds column are unnecessary.

This function takes a time field (entered in US format, not military time), removes the seconds, and formats it so the same style of time will be stored.

Note: these functions are not guaranteed or supported by Please contact the individual developer with any questions or problems.

This is my Custom Function and I want to edit it


1. Your formula breaks on an undefined function(?) Null.

2. Couldn't this be simpler? For example:

Mod ( Hour ( time ) - 1 ; 12 ) + 1 & SerialIncrement ( ":00" ; Minute ( time ) ) & Case ( time < 43200 ; " AM" ; " PM" )

seems to return the same results as yours would. Note that both fail with times greater than 24 hours (25:00:00 is 1:00 AM, not PM), but that's easy (at least in my version) to fix.

comment, VR
April 08, 2015 1:39am

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